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Since their founding in 2004, Resto VanHarte has been dedicated to increase social participation and reducing social isolation in the Netherlands. During their fresh, healty 3-course dinners or events there is always a (fun) participation program around the dinertable. Their slogan is "eat, meet, and activate.” Resto VanHarte wants people to participate in the communities in which they live, to improve their health and well-being. In their practice they also aim to be a platform for other organizations to create added-value, a social network and sources for support. At Resto VanHarte everyone is welcome, especially people with an increased risk of social isolation, like the elderly.

Initiating, creating and/or participate in the activities below:

Feest van de Verbinding

Dans VanHarte


Joris Kerstboom

Valentijn Slow Date

Memeber of the National Coalition 'Een tegen Eenzaamheid' of the ministery of VWS (Health, Wellbeing and Sports)


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