“I am at my happiest,  when I am creating!”

Most of the time I’m a portraiture photographer, I love to take pictures of people.

My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. I focus on non-models and place regular people in certain situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. I look for a sense of defiance and fortitude in my work.

I have been photographing ever since my early thirties, first analoge, with my late daddies old Pentax after following an extensive course at Fotogram, Amsterdam. Early this year I finished the advanced course and since this September I’m taking the course Portrait Photography.

The teachers and the photographers I have met, recently and during my activities as a fundraiser, have inspired me to be the photographer I am today. And they have taught me key lessons in how to do it right. And I’m still learning every day.

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